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About us

BEAM is driven by a strong commitment to providing natural luxury body care products that prioritize both quality and harm-free ingredients.  We are proud to offer beautiful products that capture the senses and elevate daily bathing and skincare routines. 

Founder, Amy D'Arcy, resides in the picturesque countryside of North Yorkshire.  Amy's personal experience with breast cancer heightened her awareness of the harmful chemicals present in various products, including cosmetics and skincare. This revelation propelled her on a profound journey to research and develop soaps and skincare items rooted in natural ingredients. What started as a personal exploration has blossomed into a tremendous passion which she wants to share with others. 

At BEAM, we proudly offer a completely vegan range, meticulously crafted using no synthetic fragrances or colourants.  We take great pride in our commitment to the environment by seeking ethically produced ingredients. Our soaps are palm oil free. 

We actively minimize our use of plastic in packaging whenever possible. Our soaps are carefully wrapped in biodegradable paper and glassine, while our boxes, void fillers, tissue paper, and gift box stickers are all made from eco-friendly materials. Additionally, we utilize sustainable wood wool in our gift sets.

To maintain exceptional quality, all our products are meticulously handcrafted in small batches. This ensures that each item is of the highest standard, brimming with skin-loving ingredients sourced from nature's bountiful pantry.

Amy's journey, along with BEAM's unwavering dedication to natural and sustainable practices, has shaped our brand into a symbol of trust and authenticity. By prioritizing the well-being of both individuals and the environment, we strive to meet the growing demand for ethical and responsible body care options. Join us on our mission to embrace natural luxury without compromise, and experience the beauty and benefits of our carefully curated product range.